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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q What are your payment terms?
A Payments must be made in Japanese yen by T.T. (Telegraphic Transfer, Wire Transfer) We will send you our bank account information upon receiving your order. Payment can also be made through .
Q Can I pay by credit card?
A Sorry, currently we do not accept credit card payments.
Q Do you accept payment by letter of credit?
A Yes, however, a letter of credit will only be granted for purchases exceeding JPY 3,000,000 per car
Q Do you offer credit?
A No, we do not. Your car will be shipped after receipt of your payment is confirmed by our Japanese bank.
Q Is it possible to import a used car from Japan into my country?
A As import laws vary from country to country, you should check with your country's customs department.
Q Do your car prices include the shipping charge?
A No, they do not. Shipping charges, which are calculated in cubic meters, are added after the destination is determined. We will inform you about the shipping charges in our quotation. You can get an idea about these charges from ourShipment Charges Table.
Q When would pay the freight charge ?
A General the freight charge is payable at destination.Specially,departure payable by Marine transportation company.
Q The deposit paid and cancellated customer .Can the deposit be reimbursed? 
A Our company has not bought the car yet at the customer cancellation order that is free.The deposit will reimburses .
Q Can I insure my shipment?
A Insurance is not included in the cost of shipping, but if you inform us of your wish to insure your shipment during the order process, we can get insurance for you at an extra charge.
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